Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We all know the home selling process can be complex, but we’re here to make it clearer and simpler. Below are some commonly asked questions about our processes and how we can help you sell your home.
FAQ Table of Contents

What makes our home selling process unique?

We offer a customized and tailored selling solution to each and every homeowner, aligning our approach with your specific needs and goals. Instead of a one-size-fits-all method, like the other guys who just make you a low-ball cash offer, we provide four distinct selling options and a no-cost home evaluation to help you choose the right option for you: Fair Cash Offer, Lease 2 Sell, Realtor Pro, or Equity Accelerator.

How do you determine the best selling option for me?

Our process begins with understanding your specific selling needs and goals across your kitchen table. We then conduct a high-level property analysis at no cost to you, and connect you with our professional network of professionals and advisors, to help you explore the various selling options available to your situation and timeline. After this thorough exploration, we can craft a custom selling plan tailored just for you.

How does Equity Accelerator work?

A Lease 2 Sell is a solution where you, the seller, are in a position to postpone taking your equity right away, instead choosing to increase your total equity with a higher guaranteed sale number and, at the same time, getting fair monthly rent on your home while you wait. We provide you with 6 months or rent payments up-front and we will purchase your home after an agreed-upon amount of time, giving us the opportunity to improve the property and find an end buyer. This option provides a bit more flexibility and allows us to offer you a higher net price (more money in your pocket) without any fees, commissions or hidden costs.

What is a Lease 2 Sell?

Equity Accelerator, is a form of owner financing, that empowers you to assume the role of the lender/bank. With this solution, you can secure a higher offer price for your home, receive monthly principal and INTEREST payments, and ultimately, increase your bottom line. This option is for sellers with more equity in their home and the ability to delay taking out all their equity at once. Instead of us getting money from a traditional mortgage/bank, with excess fees and closing costs, making only the bank richer, you act as the bank and enjoy the upside benefit of interest income! This can be a very beneficial solution for sellers who can wait and are looking to increase their home equity and receive a comfortable, fixed monthly payment. This will often help to possibly reduce your capital gains tax burden by spreading out your equity payment over time. We would pay you the balance on our agreed-upon up-front number by the agreed-upon date. Typically 2-5 years.

How does Realtor Pro work?

Realtor Pro is an option where we agree and sign to a Net Price. This is the Net amount you’ll receive (before debt and liens). You sit back and relax and retain ownership of the home while we prepare, market and sell your home on the market using one of our preferred in-house Realtors. This option offers us the flexibility we will need to bring you a higher offer (in most cases). Again, no hidden costs, fees or commissions with this option. We pay everything and you get 100% of the original price we agreed on!

Do I have to pay for the consultation?

No, our consultation and custom home evaluation is always completely FREE. We are committed to empowering homeowners by providing education and facilitating connections with the most suitable professionals and advisors. This ensures our sellers are well-equipped to make the optimal decisions for their unique situations. Some consultations lead to an agreement, and some do not. No pressure!

How soon can I expect my home to be sold?

The time frame varies based on the selling option chosen and the specifics of your situation. However, our process is designed to be efficient, aiming to help you sell your home in the timeline that fits your needs and circumstances.

What if I change my mind after choosing a selling option?

We understand that situations can change. Life happens. We just ask for open and honest communication in real-time. We prioritize open communication and will work with you to reassess the strategy and find a custom solution that better suits you.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Absolutely not. Never. We maintain transparency throughout the entire process. The solutions we offer you are free of any hidden fees or charges. You have our word. This ensures you’re aware and comfortable with the solution that we choose together.

What areas in Connecticut do you serve?

We proudly serve homeowners throughout the entire state of Connecticut. From the mountains in Litchfield County to the dairy farms in the North East Corner to the coast and on your way to NYC. No property is too far, and no situation is beyond our reach. We love referrals from our happy past clients.

What does No-Cost Signature Representation mean?

This means that we will take the time to sit with you across your kitchen table and make the effort to understand your unique situation and the goals you are looking to achieve with the sale of your home. Then our collective of professionals and advisors go to work for you to tailor multiple home selling solutions designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Our commitment to you is there are NEVER any hidden costs to you. Our home selling solutions and services are always free of commissions, closing costs, repair requests and all the other annoying “added costs” associated with selling a home that most sellers don’t think about.

What does Net Seller Proceeds mean?

Most people just look at the listing price and believe that’s what is going in their pocket at close. This is unfortunately far from reality. This is not the whole story. Typically there are many costs associated with selling your home that most homeowners are not aware of and most Realtors will not discuss with you when trying to list your home. Working with a Realtor means you will be locked into a contract of 3, 6 or 12 months, in a fee-based service, without any guarantee of sale price and money in your pocket at the end.
What most home sellers don’t know is that they will be hit with hidden costs throughout the whole selling process if they go to market. These costs could be as high as 10% of sale price.
So, going this way. Your in-pocket Net proceeds could be 15-20% lower than what you thought. For example, if you listed your home for $300,000, these would be possible costs and fees. Let’s walk through a common example below.
When you work with HomeVisors Collective, we offer you a guaranteed number for your home. Nothing else to worry about. NO-COST, NO HIDDEN FEES, HIGHEST NET (cash in your pocket) SELLER PROCEEDS TO YOU.
Our promise to you, nothing hidden. Which means you keep more of hard-earned equity and don’t have to deal with any of the uncertainty or hassles in the above scenario, bringing your home to market with a Realtor.
We look to eliminate, not reduce, your hidden fees and costs which at the end of the day, is what you want.

Who will I get access to working with your collective to help me make the best decision?