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HomeVisors Collective: Guided by Empowerment and Partnership

At HomeVisors Collective, we aim to empower homeowners through education, customized selling options and access to our Agency of expert real estate professionals and advisors to achieve the highest NET selling price for your home.
At the heart of our operations is our dedication to personalized solutions. Recognizing that each homeowner’s story is unique, our array of offerings — from a Fair Cash Offer, Lease 2 Sell, Realtor Pro, to Equity Accelerator — ensures a tailored experience, best suited to individual needs.
Our cornerstone is our No-Cost Signature Representation, ensuring a professional, stress-free, and profitable home selling journey. With us by your side, selling your home becomes an effortless and rewarding experience.
Join us at HomeVisors Collective, where our legacy of care and commitment ensures that your home selling journey transcends mere transactions. Experience a partnership that’s rewarding in every sense of the word.

Meet Dave Flanders

At the core of HomeVisors Collective is our dedicated owner, Dave Flanders. A devoted father of four, Dave’s journey into the world of real estate is both inspiring and rooted in profound family values. Transitioning from an engineering career to an entrepreneurial venture and finally immersing himself into the property market, Dave’s commitment has always been clear – to guide and support home sellers throughout Connecticut.
Dave is often characterized by his warm, friendly demeanor – an “old school” individual who believes in the integrity of a handshake. Behind his affable nature lies a story of resilience and determination. In April 2018, Dave faced the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Maeve, to breast cancer. This profound loss cemented his belief that family is paramount. It led him to leave a CEO position to prioritize the wellbeing and future of his children.
It was during this challenging time that Dave stumbled upon his knack for creative real estate solutions. In seeking a home free from pesticides for Maeve, Dave negotiated a win-win deal through innovative financing methods. This experience illuminated his path into real estate, recognizing the potential to help others sell their homes seamlessly.
Today, HomeVisors Collective stands as a testament to Dave’s vision. We aren’t just here to buy houses or suggest a quick ‘sell my home fast’ approach. We pride ourselves on being real estate solutions experts. We provide homeowners a spectrum of options tailored to their unique needs. Our ultimate goal? Ensuring homeowners achieve the best NET price when they decide to sell their property.
By choosing to work with HomeVisors Collective and Dave, you’re not just getting a team of expert real estate professionals. You’re aligning yourself with a brand that cares deeply about its community in Connecticut, values trust, and goes above and beyond to turn your home selling process into a rewarding experience.
Dave Flanders

Meet The Flanders Family

Dave and Maeve Flanders
The Flanders Family
The Flanders Kids
Meet Jerry Zolobkowski

Meet Jerry Zolobkowski

Delving deep into the heart of HomeVisors Collective, we’re proud to introduce Jerry Zolobkowski, partner and resident Realtor. With a sterling reputation built on experience, trust, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to the real estate arena, Jerry has been pivotal in shaping the destiny of countless home buyers, sellers and investors in both Massachusetts and Connecticut since 2007. His commitment? Helping homeowners sell their house with ease and confidence for the highest price possible.
Jerry’s unique fusion of innovation and passion makes him a stand out in this industry. His journey began as a classroom teacher, consultant and designer of curriculum, adding real estate professional along the way. These honed skills of attention to detail, mentoring and communication seamlessly transitioned to his role as a stellar Realtor and investor. At HomeVisors Collective, Jerry brings this breadth of experience as an educator and a real estate professional, ensuring homeowners realize their real estate goals.
Beyond the real estate transactions and deals, Jerry is an individual with deep-rooted values of respect, innovation, integrity and perseverance. Relocating to the serene Quiet Corner in Connecticut from the hustle of Long Island, New York, many decades ago, to seek peace, nature, family, and an escape from the escalating noise of city and suburban life. Here, nestled among nature, he cherishes life with his wife, twin girls and dog Lucy.
Jerry’s mantra is simple – “No situation is too big or too small.” Whether you’re aiming to sell your home fast or exploring options like a Fair Cash Offer, Lease 2 Sell, Equity Accelerator, or Realtor Pro, Jerry’s expertise with HomeVisors Collective ensures an unparalleled property selling experience. His unwavering determination means he’s always ready to tackle challenges, ensuring every home seller achieves the maximum NET selling price.
Selecting HomeVisors Collective means aligning with a legacy of dedication and expertise. Led by professionals like Jerry, we’re not just about buying houses. We are your real estate solutions experts, aiming to illuminate the home selling process for every individual. Choose us, and let Jerry and the Collective guide you through a rewarding and seamless home selling journey.

Meet The Zolobkowski Family

The Zolobkowski Family
The Zolobkowski Family
The Zolobkowski Family

Meet The Collective

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HomeVisors Collective

Our Unique Home Selling Approach

With HomeVisors Collective, sellers find a guiding hand and a trusted partner, ensuring that the experience of selling a house becomes both memorable and hassle-free.
What sets us apart? It starts with the genuine care and passion of our owner, Dave Flanders. With a rich tapestry of experiences, from engineering to entrepreneurship, Dave embodies the spirit of HomeVisors Collective. His journey to becoming a real estate professional wasn’t just a career change; it was a calling. A calling to stand beside homeowners, understanding their needs, and guiding them every step of the way.
Our approach begins with education. At HomeVisors Collective, we believe an informed seller is an empowered seller. Hence, we take the time to provide a comprehensive understanding of the diverse home selling options available. Whether it’s a Fair Cash Offer, Lease 2 Sell, Realtor Pro, or Equity Accelerator, we ensure every homeowner finds a path tailored to their needs.
HomeVisors Collective prides itself on its No-Cost Signature Representation, which encapsulates our commitment to a stress-free selling journey. From the initial conversation to the final handshake, our Collective of expert real estate professionals and advisors work tirelessly, ensuring that homeowners achieve the highest NET selling price for their property.
Choosing us means opting for a seamless real estate process. It means partnering with a group of dedicated professionals who see beyond transactions and focus on relationships. It means trusting a collective that prioritizes your needs and ensures that every decision made aligns with your unique real estate aspirations.
With HomeVisors Collective, selling a house is more than just a process—it’s a journey. A journey where you, the seller, are always at the forefront. A journey where, with our expertise and dedication, the dream of selling your home effortlessly and profitably becomes a reality.

Jonathan and Jessica S.

Client Testimonial from Westbrook, CT

Jonathan and Jessica Sepowski
When my husband and I first met Dave, we had very traumatic real estate experiences. We were very guarded regarding selling our house, and skeptical because it sounded “too good to be true”.
When we first put our house on the market, our real estate agent misled us with a higher price evaluation than what the house was worth. We dealt with constant showings, loss of income due to inconvenient showing times, and an overall lack of stability in our lives.
We ran out a 6 month contract with our first real estate agent, with absolutely no results other than the price decreasing to $60,000 less than the original. We then found another real estate agent, recommended by a friend, who seemed like a complete miracle worker. It turned into another 6 months of frustration, crying, and complete lack of results.
I found Dave online, and filled out a form on his website, still heavily guarded and frustrated about selling my house. When my husband and I made our first phone call, his offer initially seemed unreal.
Unreal in the fact that it was everything we wanted, and our requests were finally being acknowledged. We were not entirely sure that this was even real, so we waited a month until we even started to explore more with Dave.
Dave and his partner Dave, came and looked at our house, and immediately we felt totally comfortable. All our questions were answered with kindness, and they were very happy to work with us in every aspect. He even offered to set us up with his credit repair specialists, and mortgage brokers for when we were ready to buy another house.
All in all, I truly cannot thank Dave enough. He has made this process so easy, and restored my faith in even buying a house and going through this process again. I cannot recommend him enough.

Sandra Romaniello

Danielson, CT

Sandra Romaniello
Honesty, integrity, fairness and business acumen describe the ideal business partner. I am talking about Dave Flanders. Dave showed up at a time when I needed to sell two investment properties with significant market pricing challenges.
I felt lost and did not know where to begin. Dave stepped in.
The first property was fully rented, posing potential issues. Most buyers prefer rental properties to be vacant to enable them to make any repairs. An empty rental gives buyers the opportunity to start fresh with new tenants. Dave worked with my tenants directly to come up with a suitable arrangement with the tenants who then were willing and able to find appropriate housing and not hang on for months waiting to be evicted.
This property was also rented but the tenant was woefully behind in rent and I was no longer able to fill in the money gap to pay the mortgage. Although he could have taken advantage of this distressed seller, Dave worked up an offer that exceeded my expectations and was willing to take on the task of working with the tenant to provide him with workable options.
If I had another property to sell, I would “partner” with Dave again. Being able to trust someone in business is paramount to me. I trust Dave and would recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs help with any real estate matter.

Sotir and Katrease Sharavolli

Client Testimonial from Bristol, CT

Dear David. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent experience that we had with your company in selling our home to you. We were skeptical when we first received the cold call from your company about purchasing our home. There are so many scams in this day and age. You spoke with us on the phone and then met with us in person. You never rushed us, answered any questions we had and listened to what our needs were in the home selling process which we truly appreciate
As a result, you come to us with three options for the purchase of our home. The options allowed us to sell our home, provided us with an option to rent one of the units for an agreed duration and satisfied our need to achieve a specific financial outcome. Additionally, you outlined how you would deal fairly with our tenants in the transition of ownership. We trusted that you would be fair with our tenants and provide them with options to remain if they chose to do so.
Throughout the process of selling our property, you were very committed to making this a positive experience. You made yourself available to communicate with us as to the progress of the sale from your side. We always knew where we stood and we have developed a relationship and trust in you through this process.
We would encourage other homeowners who are considering a private sale of their property to a company to strongly consider working with you. It is a great way to create an opportunity for their successful sale of their property without the fees associated with realtors and closing cost. We found that you followed through on the items from the point of discussing the options in your offer to the point of sale on the day of closing. We are planning for the next phase of our future in our retirement. Please feel free to have potential customers contact us if they wish to discuss our experience with you.
Sotir and Katrease Sharavolli

HomeVisors Collective Serves Connecticut Home Sellers

We’ve developed a profound understanding of the local real estate market. This experience, combined with our dedicated Collective, enables us to extend our real estate solutions to homeowners in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwich, Waterbury, and all the other cities and towns in Connecticut.